Hometown? Pensacola, FL
What’s your favorite part about Alga Beer Co.? *clapping and singing* We are family!
What TV show would you like to see Alga Beer Co. show up in? Stranger Things. Imagine having a buzz in the upside down. So spooky.
What’s your favorite place to drink a beer at 11AM? The beach. No question.
Does BBQ need sauce? It’s literally called BBQ sauce…
What’s your favorite Alga beer? That crispy boy, East Hillsner Pilsner!
What’s your favorite non-Alga beer? Limited edition Funky Buddha Mexican Coffee Stout aged in Jose Cuervo Barrels. 10/10.
If you could drink a beer with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be? Babe Ruth
Favorite album of all time? Swimming by Mac Miller, or Let’s Stay Together by Al Green
What’s your favorite activity outside of furthering the advancement of Alga’s takeover? There is no greater conquest than the Alga takeover, comrade, but if I had to guess it’s probably playing with dogs. They’re just so cute.