Hometown? Corry, PA & Milton, FL
What’s your favorite part about Alga Beer Co.? Top three: The inclusivity, Alga feeling like a home even as a patron, and how the quality of the beer speaks for itself.
What TV show would you like to see Alga Beer Co. show up in? How I Met Your Mother  (But the weeb side of me wants to say………Fullmetal Alchemist haha)
What’s your favorite place to drink a beer at 11AM? With friends. 🙂
Does BBQ need sauce? I feel like this is a trap.
What’s your favorite Alga beer? Lo-Fi
What’s your favorite non-Alga beer? Bell’s Two Hearted or Trimtab’s Cumulus
If you could drink a beer with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be? My father. 🙂
Favorite album of all time? “Renacer” by Senses Fail
What’s your favorite activity outside of furthering the advancement of Alga’s takeover? Spending time with people I care about, lifting weights, and saving Hyrule from Ganon.