Hometown? Pensacola, FL BABY
What’s your favorite part about Alga Beer Co.? Our ALGA Family is tops in my book…a close second is Thomas’s quad muscles. Dude can squat like 860.
What TV show would you like to see Alga Beer Co. show up in? East Bound and Down, The Bachelorette, One Bite Pizza Reviews, Hot Ones.
What’s your favorite place to drink a beer at 11AM? If I’m drinking beer at 11am, wherever I am sounds like a decent place to be. Really though, I’m either at the beach for a long weekend, tailgating UWF Argo Football at Maritime Park, or at ALGA Beer HQ being the “hey, hold this” guy while Brett and Thomas do wizarding to make beer.
Does BBQ need sauce? As a certified Kansas City Barbeque Judge; I can say without a doubt that BBQ does not NEED sauce. But a good sauce can definitely take some good “Q” to the next level.
What’s your favorite Alga beer? I like them all, but my two loves are Hwy Juice and our Honey Saison.
What’s your favorite non-Alga beer? Orange Blossom Brewing Co. Orange Blossom Pilsner
If you could drink a beer with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be? Robin Williams. We’d spend our time in Boston being wicked smahhhht solving random equations and asking Harvard students if they like apples.
Favorite album of all time? Music Album: Lets Get it – Thug Motivation 101 by Young Jeezy; Photo Album: Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel
What’s your favorite activity outside of furthering the advancement of Alga’s takeover? I have two…1. taking a solid stroll with my handsome Labrador, Hasselhoff in one of the many vibrant neighborhoods in Pensacola OR 2. doing a solid sit-and-stay with The Hoff at Brett’s house drinking Tiki Drinks, mostly to excess.